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Salam to all, Ibu nak minta tolong sangat2, sesiapa yang nak place order kat form ni pikir 2,3 kali... Make sure YOU'RE SERIOUS BUYER.. macam yg ibu tulis kat blog ni..kalau saja2 nak tanya just email or sms ibu. Bila ibu dah process/email your order tiba2 senyap je.. Kalau tak jadi pun please please please inform me back..Sometimes ada lain customer yg nak item yg sama, so ibu dah jadi dalam dilema. So korang pk la berkali-kali before place order ya. If this happen again, ibu mohon maaf kalau ibu terpaksa cancel your order without inform your 1st.. Tolong erkkk... ****tlg sms untuk booking...internet problem...0125778002

untuk maklumat semua, mungkin selepas ini, saya tidak dapat pos item anda setiap hari...mungkin seminggu saya just dapat pos 2 kali sahaja iaitu hari rabu dan sabtu..maaf di atas segala kesulitan

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Fisher Price Little People Noah's Ark Boat Ride On

 rm90 including postage

 - used
- good condition
- missing batteries cover but did not effect anythg
- all functions perfectly
- suitable for 1yr n up

Noah built a floating zoo, and the animals came in two by two. Now your child can relive the magic of Noah''s adventure on this Little People Noah''s Ark Ride-On. The ark-shaped ride-on features Noah, his wife and some adorable ark animals.Little passengers simply push a button to hear cheerful music and sounds, and spin the easy-grip steering wheel for make-believe action across the ocean. Includes volume control and extra-wide wheels for stability. Requires three "AA" batteries, included. Measures 22"L x 10"W x 18.8"H. Holds up to 45 pounds. Assembly required. Adult supervision recommended.    
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